2022 Recruitment

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CERT Scotland was started by four University of Edinburgh students in 2018 and we have since grown to include more than 60 members in 2022. Our passion lies in reforming current contraceptive care and health in Scotland and after four years in Edinburgh, we are ready to expand. Therefore, we are dividing CERT Scotland into CERT Edinburgh and CERT Glasgow, with the organisation (CERT Scotland) retaining organisational decision-making and strategic powers.


We are currently recruiting a committee for our Glasgow branch so that CERT Glasgow can begin conducting research in September. This committee will be supported by CERT's Strategic Advisor (the outgoing President of CERT Scotland) and the current leaders of CERT Edinburgh, who altogether make up the CERT Scotland Board. If you are based in Glasgow, but looking for a research or campaigns role, then keep your eyes peeled for further recruitment in September.


In the near future we will also be recruiting for the People team of CERT Scotland, to help us with welfare concerns and recruitment processes for both CERT Edinburgh and CERT Glasgow. This team will be supported by the CERT Scotland Board and be centralised, closely working with both CERT Edinburgh & CERT Glasgow. 


We will also have further roles available for our Outreach and Campaigns teams coming later in the year. This application is only for those wanting a spot on the CERT Glasgow Committee or as a part of the CERT Scotland People team.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

  • By Instagram DM: @certscotland

As an organisation, we are equally keen to hear about your professional and lived experience. CERT prides itself in allowing young people to gain professional skills in research and policy (among other things!) and can offer support through this process.

Please note these positions are voluntary/unpaid and are for August 2022 - May 2023. The weekly time commitment varies between roles, but we envision an average time commitment of around 5 hours and up to 10 hours for committee positions.