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CERT is a policy group campaigning for contraceptive empowerment in Scotland. We want to promote a prepared, informed and supported experience of contraception. CERT works to produce research-based change and a platform to champion the voices of others. Our research centres around improving the experiences of current contraceptive users.



Through literature research, gatekeeper discussion and most importantly our fieldwork exploring the opinions and experiences by contraception users in Scotland in relation to contraception, we have found there is a need to reform many areas of contraceptive care throughout the country.

Through our research, we found that 95.9% of respondents believe that improvements need to be made involving contraception in Scotland. Click the link to read about the study.

Starting as a study into the prevalence of 'stealthing',  


After signing the petition, take the next step: contact your constitutency's MSP directly. Use the template below.

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Stealthing, or the non-consensual removal of a condom or tampering of a barrier method of contraception before or during a sexual encounter..... Insert email template here.

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